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A Few of Our Sold Properties

Senior Real Estate Completed Sales

Sharing just a few of our successful home sales on behalf of senior real estate clients in the DFW marketplace.  One of these clients moved to be closer to family.  One client downsized.  Another client sold their current home and bought a larger one to accommodate additional family members.  One client wanted to live in an urban, walkable area. And one of these client families sold their home and hit the open road in their Motorcoach!  Whatever transition life hands you, let us help you get there.  


What does it mean to you?  For some, it is the place their memories are made.  Home may mean a place of comfort and rest, happiness and fun, where family and friends come for you.

A home can mean all of these wonderful things and much more.

Have you thought about your home as an investment?  A place to grow equity that you can someday use to finance the next phase of your life?

In you have lived in your home very many years, you may have been alarmed at how fast your taxes have increased in the last few years.  And most likely you would be surprised at what your home is worth in today's market.

Did you know that the DFW real estate market area has experienced 13% or so year over year increases since 2012?  This may mean your home is worth more than you thought.

If you would like to know more, we are happy to share with you pertinent facts about home sales in your area.